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Salvador Trinxet, enjoy your law practice

 Salvador Trinxet, enjoy your law practice

He made ​​a selection of books related to: law and business management

Excerpt from the book selected:

Title: The Happy lawyer
Author: Larry Schreiter
Ed: Shiloh Publications
ISBN: 0-9670165-0-9

Look over your list, and rank each entry. Assign 1 to clients you most enjoyed working with, 2 to those to whom you feel indifferent and 3 to those you wish would go somewhere else.
Next, go over the results. For each client you ranked a 1, write down the particular issue or problem that you worked on and how you resolved it for them. Spell out in specific detail what the problem was.
That is, you are going to go from the specifics of that ideal client and their particular problem you so enjoyed working on to the generalized.
You went on to spell out how your work benefited them, as well as how working with them on these projects used your highest skills and brought you the most rewards.
Now, the next step is to visualize a future practice that is devoted to greater emphasis on such engagements, for such clients on such projects. This greater focus in the areas you already know to be satisfying will enhance your sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your law practice.
Within your Arena of Preeminence, you stand out from all the other attorneys in your market area. You dominate your Arena of Preeminance.
But first you need to focus on your practice and see if you can identify several seeds, form which you might cultivate a more satisfying Arena of preeminence.
To do this, first note down those aspects of your law practice that hold your interest. Whether it is the challenge of overcoming a difficult adversarial situation, or the satisfaaction of skillful negotiation. The “aha!” of rooting out that key precedent, or the enjoyment of achieving some milestone.
Next, note the skills and talents that you enjoy most utilizing in your practice. Try to capture the action, the activity, the talent that you like to employ.
Third, list wha your intuition tells you are the three ways or areas where you might wish to expand, to give back, to grow.
These areas might be personal, professional, material, spiritual.
Explore what connections you might be able to make among these areas.
You want to start by putting your practice purpose into a single sentence or two.
You might say “I am a personal injury lawyer” Okay. But that tells very little. You might instead say “I represent injured persons, to recover for them compensation from thsoe who have injured them”.
Second, you can hone in on your practice purpose, to differentiate yourself from  all the other personal injury attorneys who all seem to be asking, for example in the yellow page ads, for only the big cases.

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 Salvador Trinxet, enjoy your law practice

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